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    Local dancers shine on stage

    local dancers shine on stage

    Dancers from the Abstract Dance Academy made the top 30 at the Millennium Dance Competition at Edge School from May 4 until May 5. The dancers had to perform multiple times within a short time, despite not having any breaks in-between performances, the dancers were all confident in how they performed. Photo submitted

    After months of preparation and rehearsals, Abstract Dance Academy dancers made the top 30 at the Millennium Dance Competition at Edge School that was held May 4 and May 5.

    “It went well, the kids all danced fabulously, everyone had a good time,” said Abstract Dance Academy’s owner Kara Moore.

    “Everyone remembered everything, and they danced their hearts out. It was one of the best times I’ve seen each group on stage,” Moore said.

    She added, throughout the weekend, all of the dancers had a lot of energy and were confident in their performances.

    The dancers aged six to 18 began rehearsing in November for four dance competitions occuring throughout their season.

    “They spend the months rehearsing with energy and excitement,” Moore said.

    Throughout the season, the dancers had to learn how to stay positive, move forward when a performance didn’t go as planned rather than being stuck on the negative, Moore said.

    Although the dancers were well prepared for the competition, they had to perform multiple times with little to no breaks in-between.

    The dancers had to go through four or five different routines within an hour with very little break time while dealing with costume and hair changes, Moore said.

    Many of the performers ran off of adrenaline when the dances were close together, along with having quick snacks, staying hydrated, and keeping focused on the upcoming dance routine.

    Despite having to perform with no recovery time, everyone had a great weekend, Moore said.

    “Everyone was happy with how they danced, and the parents were thrilled. It was a really fun weekend for everybody. Everyone supported each other,” Moore said.

    Now, the Abstract Dance Academy is preparing for the final competition in Camrose.

    “We’re getting excited and prepared,” Moore said.