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  • Reigniting Alberta’s Economy

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    United Conservative Party (UCP) Leader Jason Kenney and Deputy Leader and Chestermere-Rocky View MLA Leela Aheer announced the Alberta Advantage Immigration Strategy to reignite the economy on Feb. 25 in Chestermere Alta. The new strategy aims to bring in immigrants with new talents, and new ideas to stimulate the provincial economy. Photo submitted

    The United Conservative Party (UCP) announced the new Alberta Advantage Immigration Strategy to reignite the provincial economy on Feb. 25 in Chestermere Alta.

    “We’re actively seeking to bring entrepreneurs into our areas,” Deputy Leader and Chestermere-Rocky View MLA Leela Aheer said.

    “It’s just one piece of the puzzle to kickstart the economy. There are many-many pieces that need to happen,” Aheer said.

    She added, the desire is to see Alberta grow and prosper.

    “Chestermere has huge growth on its own, but what ends up happening is that a lot of people who come here aren’t necessarily working here or creating businesses here,” she said.

    Newcomers that would move to the Chestermere area would bring new talent, new eyes, new ideas, and new money.

    “We’re digging into that entrepreneurial spirt. We want to make sure that our doors are flung open for all  people to come, prosper, and to grow these smaller communities in a really-really positive way,” Aheer said.

    The people brought in through the Alberta Advantage Immigration Strategy become the job creators.

    “That’s what we’re after,” Aheer added.

    In order for the strategy to work efficiently municipalities will have to lead with a lot of provincial government support.

    “Municipalities are going to know to a degree what kind of businesses are necessary here, not that they would kibosh any particular business,” Aheer said.

    She added, “It’s really-really important that we say loud and proud that we’re open for business, and that we’re attracting talent to grow communities.”

    In order for the Alberta Advantage Immigration Strategy to be successful, the process of which immigrates credentials are acknowledged in Canada needs to be sped up.

    “This isn’t a place where you want government overreach, this is us supporting municipalities,” Aheer said.

    The provincial government would work in supporting municipalities with programs to help new residents settle in their communities and become successful in their businesses.

    “When we open those doors, we’re actually prepared to handle the folks that come in, because every person that comes in, is coming with a family,” Aheer said.

    She added, “We want to make sure those folks are not just in survivor jobs, but they are in jobs that are really-really contributing to their own lives, their prosperity, the possibility of Alberta, and they bring in dollars which is super important to bolster the economy.”