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    Residents reminded to stay out of the abandoned water park

    Chestermere Protective Services are reminding residents and visitors to the city to respect private property and no trespassing signage in the city.

    The reminder comes after peace officers caught more than 20 people trespassing at the abandoned Chestermere Water Park last year.

    “Not only is trespassing on this private property illegal, but entering it presents a significant safety risk,” said Chestermere Municipal Enforcement Peace Officer Shawn Press in a news release.

    “There are multiple tripping and falling hazards, extensive hidden debris, and significant environmental dangers.

    “It is closed for a reason and no one should be entering this property,” he said.

    The water park has been closed since the 1990s.

    Press said that Peace Officers in the city take an active approach patrolling for people trespassing in places that they shouldn’t be in, especially places where safety is a concern.

    Most of the people caught trespassing at the water park were youth from the Chestermere and Calgary area.

    “That’s our main area where we have a lot of people that are trespassing,” said Press.

    When it comes to enforcement, Press said that Pease Officers generally take an educational approach when dealing with trespassers, however some people were detained and charged for trespassing last year.

    “We have had people starting fires, setting off smoke bombs and participating in illegal activities on that property” said Press.

    “This is not acceptable in our community and these individuals have been prosecuted,” he said.

    The Alberta Trespass to Premises Act and The Petty Trespass Act, state that entering onto private property without permission is an arrestable offence and can carry fines up to $5000.