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  • Rocky View Schools has asked the province to have two schools built in Chestermere

    RVS is currently waiting in queue for the future school site to be serviced before funding from the government will be provided

    Rocky View Schools (RVS) has requested from the Government of Alberta two K-9 schools, and one high school.

    “Chestermere has been part of our capital plan for many years,” said RVS Board of Trustees Chair Todd Brand.

    The RVS Board of Trustees submits school requests in priority order based on divisional needs, and what school sites have been fully serviced by developers.

    “No matter how urgent our need for a school, the government does not consider any requests for new schools if the site has not been fully serviced,” Brand said.

    “The lack of serviced sites continues to be an ongoing issue for RVS. We continue to work with our municipalities to let them know the importance of their working with developers to get sites serviced more quickly,” he added.

    For a school to be built in Chestermere, there must be a serviced site prior to the provincial government deciding to fund the building of a new school.

    “The role of RVS is to make sure that our needs are known and prioritized. We do not service the sites nor do we fund the school builds,” Brand said.

    He added, “Despite our rapid growth and very few school builds in the past several years, we have no schools currently announced for construction in any of our communities.”

    Rocky View County communities must provide serviced school sites as soon as possible.

    After a site is serviced, that school will rise to near the top of RVS capital request list.

    Currently, the City of Chestermere continues to work on servicing sites for future schools.