Rosebud’s “A Christmas Story” is Festive and Fun



Rosebud has chosen the delightful tale of, A Christmas Story, as their festive holiday feature for this year. This show, written by Philip Grecian, is a rendition of the classic Christmas film of the same name. Those who have had the chance to see this movie will still get a first time, original experience as this play uses impressive theatrical techniques to liven the already brilliant comedy. For anyone who has not seen the film, it is about the main character Ralphie (as an adult) looking back at a Christmas in the past. One where he revisited the trials and tribulations of his nine year old self and  his crazy family as they try their hardest to make it through the holiday season. Ralphie had but one thing on his mind, his Christmas presents. And more specifically, the one Christmas present that he believed was an absolute necessity. This show will leave you with feelings of pure joy as Ralphie tries desperately to convince his family that this gift is the only thing that will make his Christmas. With a multi-talented cast of 11, and a crew of around 35 brilliant people, this show is sure to get you right into the Christmas spirit in the best way possible.

            The performers featured in this production were what really made this show the spectacular success that it was. In most shows each actor must portray a single character with great talent and conviction; in A Christmas Story each character was put up to the task of portraying not one, but up to 5 different characters throughout the show. This is due to the fact that Ralphie is a child, and like many children he had a wild imagination. This imagination is featured in the show through various ‘dream sequences’ where Ralph would either make up ridiculous scenarios or he would see characters as someone completely different. This was what made all of the performers completely shift their character to accompany each sequence. This shift was done perfectly every time without fail. The audience was treated to a full show of laughs as no one ever really knew what was going to happen next. Even if you have seen the movie, this version is anything but predictable. The narration by the adult Ralphie, played by Aaron Krogman, is a perfect example of the difference between the silver screen and the theatre. You get to watch as the character of Ralphie looks back at himself and all of his past mistakes with the humour and sarcasm that can only come with being an adult. This fourth wall breaking character was possibly the funniest part of this show. You never had a dull moment when he was on stage as he pushes the plot along in a fashion that you can only experience in the theatre.

            Other than the exceptional acting talents the other highlight of this show was the set and artistic designs. Scenic director Brian Ball along with scenic artist Cheryl Daughtry and lighting designer Becky Halterman made everything feel like you were right there with the characters. From the brilliantly executed lighting shortages to the fake snow that fell behind the windows, there was absolutely nothing these talents didn’t consider. The set moved seamlessly from the school, to the home, to the mall. No one in the audience was distracted by these changes because of how perfectly they were worked in the script. This added to the production in a way that exceeds expectations. The props and backdrops were spot on with what you see in the movie, specifically the “major award” that Ralphies father wins. If you know the movie you will get the nostalgia that comes from all of these accuracies, and if you haven’t you are treated to seeing these props and art works for the first time. While the sets and props were brilliant, the way the actors interacted with them is really what sold it. The reaction and the side comments brought everything to life and made for a show that is unforgettable.

            Christmas is a time for giving and Rosebud is certainly giving us a gift by putting on A Christmas Story. This family friendly classic is an ideal way to spend a night out and a great end to Rosebuds year. This is a show filled with hilarity and a great message that will have you leaving feeling completely satisfied. Everything about this show was amazing and the audience never stopped laughing, this is a show you don’t want to miss. This performance goes from Nov 1- Dec 22 and is a perfect gift for a merry Christmas. If you’re looking for a show to put a smile on your face don’t miss A Christmas Story. Tickets are available at

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