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  • Summer Forecasts

    What a beautiful July we had! I hope you all had some time to get out and enjoy Canada Day, Water Festival (bad weather and all!) and soak up all that our community has to offer.
    While I hope that the weather forecast for August stays pleasant, I want to spend a few moments giving you some growth forecasts as well.
    We’ve had some questions come in over the summer about what is on the horizon and I’d like to share a few answers with you here.
    What are the new communities or developments coming to Chestermere?
    Five new communities have already begun or we anticipate that they will begin development next year. This includes Chelsea, Dawson’s Landing, Bridgeport, South Shores, and Waterford Stage 1. As these communities (primarily located on the west side of the city) are developed over the next few decades, they will bring approximately 30,000 new residents to Chestermere.
    Will there be new schools coming to Chestermere with new developments?
    Yes! In the Dawson’s Landing and Chelsea Developments, space is included for three new schools: a public school, a separate (Catholic school) and a new high school. The province decides when Chestermere will be granted those schools but we are making room for them.
    Will Chestermere Boulevard be widened soon?
    We know that our community has grown a lot since Chestermere Boulevard first came into use and it will soon be time to widen it to allow for more traffic. We are currently working on engineered drawings and are exploring the best timing to align with the City of Calgary’s construction of their portion of this corridor.
    Will new businesses be coming to Chestermere as these developments come?
    Absolutely. Together, these five developments are planning to add more than a million square feet of room for commercial projects. There will also be more variety in the types of commercial lots available and will include a ‘live-work’ district where shops can be on the bottom of the building and apartments could be on the top.
    How will Chestermere keep its identity as we grow?
    We often hear that people choose Chestermere for its ambiance. Even though we are close to a big city, there’s something amazing about being able to come home to a place you can breathe, relax and belong. Whether you are enjoying a walk by the lake, playing at the park with your kids or having a BBQ, we offer spacious tranquility and a dynamic family atmosphere in Chestermere. Even though we plan to grow, increase our housing diversity and bring more commercial development, we are determined to preserve our water centric lifestyle.
    In addition, we will keep consulting with our current residents as we grow. We’ve already tackled many of your priorities: cutting taxes, taking back CUI, exploring seniors’ housing options and more. We invite you to continue to stay connected with us so that our community will continue to be amazing as we grow!
    Mayor Chalmers