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Connecting women through story telling

Women Talk Langdon is giving women an opportunity to connect with and empower like-minded women through the sharing of their stories.

“Every talk is different,” said Directors of the Strathmore and Langdon Women Talk Sheree Agerskov, and Heidi Steinke.

Throughout the evening, three women will share their stories all highlighting different aspects of life, TED Talk style.

“It’s ordinary women sharing extraordinary stories,” said Agerskov.

Women want a safe place to share, and connect with other women, Agerskov said.

“We’re empower women to live in their truth and share their story,” she said.

Once Agerskov shared her own personal story she was able to live her life free from shame of past experiences.

“I was living with shame that was really holding me back, so now having shared my story it has changed my life,” she said.

She added, “It’s really changing lives. It changed mine.”

Founder of Women Talk Brigitte Lessard-Deyell believes that every member of a community needs to share their story.

“It’s a fabulous way for women to connect,” Lessard-Deyell said.

Often people are unaware of things that their next-door neighbours have done or have had to overcome throughout their lives.

“I see it over and over. By sharing our story, we make our community stronger,” Lessard-Deyell said.

She added, “I personally think that women who share their stories for the first time have the most impact.

“They are extremely powerful because they are nervous, it’s hard, but it’s really from the heart. That really connects with the audience.”

Lessard-Deyell believes that it’s a woman’s duty as a woman to share their story with other women.

“To help them cope with positive and negative events in their lives,” she said.

She added, “It’s life changing to stand up in front of an audience.

“By sharing your story, you make your community stronger.”

Throughout the evening of Feb. 14 beginning at 7 p.m., three local speakers will share their own personal stories regarding a variety of topics.

Including Annette Stanwick who offers a message about forgiveness, and Jessica Soodeen who will talk about her life in the fast lane.

Or, Life Coach Bonnie Earl who offers encouragement to the audience.

“It’s a real gift of hers to encourage others to stand in their power, especially the feminine energy,” Agerskov said.

For more information regarding Women Talk Langdon please the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/WomenTalkLangdon.


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