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  • Changes and development are part of growth

    Good morning Chestermere,

    As a long time resident of this great little city, I found myself thinking back in time, a time when Chestermere consisted of a few hundred people around the lake, it was a great time to live here. But as we all know, the world is changing, and with it, Chestermere is changing, or has been changing now for many years. Some people will say, I yearn for the old days? when you could leave your doors open, and not worry about someone breaking in, or, run around on your quad, without any lights or stop signs to worry about. Well, as we all come back to reality, we realize that changes are part of life, and development is part of that change, progress and the future are just part of the overall process of life.

    That sentence brings me to the subject of growth and development, as we are seeing today, the bulldozers, and the noise, comes with that growth, not something everyone welcomes, but, it’s the reality we face today as a city. Lets be clear, I think most people accept the fact that growth will happen, we live next to a city of approximately 1.3 million people, so people will settle in the suburbs and towns around the perimeter of Calgary, Chestermere, being a prime location. Recognizing, that statement, this City is at a cross roads in time, we have many difficult decisions to make regarding what “WE THE PEOPLE” want the future to look like? With that thought in mind, the city has begun to open up our current bylaws, with specifics to growth density! how many people & structures can we put into an acre, other words, how much can we pack into this 1600 acres, or, a better question might be, how much more profit can me as a developer, realize from this current project?

    Residents of Chestermere, that’s the million dollar question or questions, what do “WE” the people want our city to look like? vs, what do the developers want our city to look like?

    I worry, without the ability to hold true public meetings, in a quorum, and ask the tough questions of our city council, “WE” the people, are losing our ability to have a strong say in what our future looks like.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am all for “Diversity & Inclusion” buzz words for, different Housing Options & Densities. Yes, we need more housing for seniors and first time home owners, but this growth curve must be controlled, so that Chestermere can retain it’s identity!! It’s up to the people of this city to be heard, and now!! The bylaw changes have had first reading, so time is becoming a factor, lets tell our leaders, what “WE” want our city to look like in the future!!

    Do not let, Developers & Politicians, decide for us, lets decide for ourselves!! Voice your opinions, put it in writing, tell the powers to be, what “WE” the residents of Chestermere want our city to look like now and in the future!!