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  • City Hall Transparency – Residential Tax Process?

    The issue


    I have not commented on issues at City hall for some time. I have been hearing continuous rumblings of an issue relating to the 2018 residential taxes process.  

    In 2018 we were told that our tax increase would be 0.9%.  This was such an important issue that an article was written for the Calgary newspapers highlighting this accomplishment.

    What we know:

    • A number of residents are investigating this issue.
    • They all have a arrived at the same independent conclusion.
      • Residential taxes by 2.5%. 
    • The resident performing the reviews include professionals in multi-discipline areas  and are versed in the MGA tax policies.
    • All the issues are very well documented along with appropriate backup.
    • Two separate meetings were held with the City where the groups presenting their issues.

    The groups involved have told me the following:

    • The City acknowledged the finding of the residents.
    • The ball was left with the City to take the next step.
    • No effective follow-up meetings or correspondence occurred.
    • These residences are once again are trying to reach out to the City.
    • Even though council has been given multiple presentations concerning past tax bylaw these presentation did not explain the 2018 tax bylaw.

    The lack of follow-up by the City suggested that their maybe more to these rumblings then just words.   It is important the City is transparent with all citizens.  I will keep focused on this issue until a satisfactory explanation has been provided and the citizens have been informed.

    You will be kept informed.

    Al Kersch