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  • Seniors adapting in so many ways, staying connected

    We are reaching out to each of you this week to check in on your wellness and commend you all on your resilience to navigate this pandemic virtually! So many of our seniors will have received this Anchor via email and we are striving to keep you connected to our community via the local news. A special shout out to Steve Jeffrey, editor and owner of the Anchor News, who has provided so much support to this column, seniors and so many other organizations, community members and businesses. Thank you Steve for all your dedication along with your team at the Anchor News.

    We heard you seniors, when you told us through the Seniors Task Force that you liked your local news in print. We had organized the Anchor delivery for those seniors shut in at home when Steve had to move fully online editions only, for several reasons. Now the Senior’s Coalition is happy to email out a weekly edition of the Anchor News to you if you email us at _chestermerecoalitionforseniors@gmail.com with a request. Also, if you have projects, information or topics that you would like us to inform other seniors about, please email us at the above coalition address.

    During this COVID isolation time, your ability to adapt has been remarkable in so many ways. I’m sure your younger adults and grandchildren have encouraged you to stay connected through electronics, either by cell phone, computer email, or Facetime. Some of you may have ventured beyond to Zoom, Instagram, or even Tik Tok which is amazing. We have been so innovative as we find alternative ways to stay in touch. If you like using a pen and paper, the good old fashioned way of writing a letter,  then look at the opportunity from the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, as they are encouraging people of all ages to write a letter or send a postcard of your stories, experiences over the last few months and hopes for the future https://glenbow.org/programs/dear-glenbow/ which will be incorporated into Glenbow’s permanent collection.

    Stay Connected 

    The next Seniors Teleconference will take place on Thursday June 25th at 10:30 – 11:30 am, a great way to stay connected and informed. Thank you to the City of Chestermere, Community Resources team for providing a teleconference call to assist us all to have another platform to connect with Seniors.