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  • Seniors Coalition: Resource Handbook coming soon

    Hope everyone had delicious bites of turkey dinner and Pumpkin Pie, Happy Belated Thanksgiving to each of you. And now onto Halloween 2020

    CRPCN Update: With the province’s COVID numbers on the rise and the flu season around the corner, we encourage all seniors to get their flu shot this year. Please visit  www.ahs.ca/influenza or call 811 to book a time starting October 13th. Please be aware there is a choice in flu shots this year: the regular annual “free to seniors” flu shot, or the super flu shot at a cost of $80.00. Your Doctor’s Offices remain open in Chestermere and your Physicians are ready to see or call you, do not hesitate to call in for a virtual or in person appointment.

    Currently there are 9 active cases, 2 within the schools, in Chestermere. Please remain vigilant about wearing masks in indoor spaces, hand washing regularly and maintaining 2 metres distances in confined spaces. Let’s do our part in keeping Chestermere’s numbers down.

    The Chestermere Senior Resource Handbook will be ready by the end of October and in the next article we will let you know where you can receive a copy. Many thanks to the Chestermere Coalition for Seniors for volunteering and accomplishing this first edition Handbook with all the resources in one Handbook.

    The Next Seniors Coalition Meeting will be October 21st at 1:30pm via zoom. Please email leslie.racz@crpcn.ca if you wish to attend. One of the perks of membership is The Anchor News is emailed to you weekly. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Whitecappers Association will be opening their doors again soon by appointment only for programs. Please check their website for clear instructions before returning at whitecappers.ca

    The Chestermere Public Library is open now. Please check their website or call in for their hours of operation: chestermerepubliclibrary.com or 403-272-9025. Sign up for their monthly Newsletter.

    Please know the Chestermere Food Bank offers the Good Food Box and receives orders via their website. This box of fresh produce for minimal cost is available to all residents of Chestermere. The Food Bank can always use donations, please see their website for ideas of what can be most helpful.

    Armchair Travel 

    Armchair Travel is one of the most wonderful ways to look into our fantastic, vast world and learn as much as our hearts desire. We can travel to some of our favourite places without leaving home.  Through videos, pod casts, books and music and numerous other ways, we can go to places we have never seen, or only ever dreamed of. 

    Today, due to the global pandemic, we know that travel is being discouraged and do we actually want to travel to the destinations we dream of at the moment in time? So, with that being said let’s put a positive stance on arm chair travel, as it can have considerable negative connotations. This way of travelling is a delightful pastime and is good for the imagination and soul. This form of travel at it’s best, makes us want to go and see for ourselves.  After all we are curious individuals and have a thirst for knowledge.

    Enjoy the sensory and magical experiences as we travel back in time or across the globe, taking a trip down memory lane and many more exhilarating moments will make you smile and fulfill your heart.

    Ready? take some time to prepare for your journey and let’s travel back to London England. What better way to see London than on a British open top bus (Coach). This journey will take you to some great places including Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard, Trafalgar Square, London Eye, Big Ben, the Tower Bridge and more. For those of you who fancy a shopping trip, Harrods is the go to store. Maybe you fancy relaxing in St James Garden or a cruise on the Thames, there is lots to see and do. Head back to your hotel and put on your finest and head out for a gourmet dinner followed by a night at the Theatre, let the moment be yours! There is something for everyone – enjoy, maybe send a post card home or two.

    To prepare for our trip, please follow the steps for a relaxing journey. Step 1 – Pour yourself a cup of tea or your favourite tipple, Step 2- kick off your shoes, Step 3 – pull up a comfy chair and ready? Let’s go!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAaevusBnNI&list=PL1BhaHkrEM1Zoh3kQ_FZr6PisCr2VUwsh&index=4 24:41 mins
    (Please note there are adverts at the beginning and the middle)