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  • The DNA of a community

    The City of Chestermere, like most other communities, rely on it’s citizens, their volunteer efforts, & local amenities, to make the community a place where people want to move, raise their families, and perhaps choose to retire. In Chestermere, we have some of the best volunteers, and hard working, people who really care about the community, and without their efforts, our community would be much worse off, than we find ourselves today. Along with these people, our many  business’s also provide a level of community involvement, so it’s so very important that we both recognize, and support these operations, they contribute, not only from a volunteer perspective, but are necessary for us to be able to keep as much of our money circulating locally, providing jobs for the many students and others who live here.

    Since this pandemic has arrived, I can’t help but notice, business after business close, or temporarily shut down, unable to continue under the strain of more and more rules and regulations, & high rents, that make it impossible for many of them to absorb. When people talk about these issues, it cuts right to the bone, or what I like to refer to, as the “DNA” of our community, the blood, sweat & tears of what it means to be a strong and viable city, what it means to enjoy all the amenities that a city like Chestermere, has to offer, and the list goes on and on, far to many to note.

    One of the great amenities we have here, is the golf course, a facility that attracts money, people, local jobs, and offers valuable green space to our community, the facility is an integral part of what makes Chestermere a great place to live, and along with our lake, it’s one of the key items that people put on their wish list when deciding where to live and work, so I hope that we never see it disappear? I salute the residents who have started the petition to stop any further development on this course, we have 1600 acres of land currently under development on the west side, I think that a development of that size will supply us with enough houses for many years to come!!


    P. D. Graham, Chestermere