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  • Vibe Developments going forward with commercial plaza construction in Kinniburgh 

    Vibe Developments and elected officials broke ground for the new commercial plaza 

    Vibe Developments going forward with commercial plaza construction in Kinniburg pic 1x
    Vibe Developments broke ground for a commercial plaza in Kinniburg on Oct. 15. Owner and CEO of Vibe Developments, Paresh Shukla believes the commercial plaza will bring additional revenue into the city while creating job opportunities for residents. Photo by Emily Rogers

    Vibe Developments broke ground for a commercial plaza in Kinniburgh on Oct. 15.

    “Despite the downfall in the economy and current COVID-19 situation, Vibe Developments has decided to proceed with the construction of the commercial plaza in Kinniburgh which has received all the approvals from the city. We believe this plaza will bring in much more revenue into the city through commercial taxes, helping the city with their spending, while it should create local employment for residents looking to work close to home in the community,” said Owner and CEO of Vibe Development, Paresh Shukla.

    Vibe Developments has exceeded what was required to break ground in terms of sales, with over 70 per cent of retail space sold.

    “We hope to bring a plaza here that will really serve the community for years and years to come and build a community,” Shukla said.

    “We knew there would be challenges because residents don’t like to see a commercial plaza right beside their house, but the community has overwhelmingly accepted it and embraced it. We had a public consultation meeting, and it turned out very successful for us, as we understood what the community wanted,” he added. “When we first started this project, we thought the vision to create a commercial plaza would work right beside the community.”

    The commercial plaza will add to local amenities, while creating additional employment opportunities for Chestermere residents, and residents in surrounding communities.

    “It will be exciting to see this development by next summer, with many new services and amenities that are coming to this community,” said Mayor Marshall Chalmers.

    “As part of Chestermere’s Amazing vision, council is committed to increase the non-residential tax base, grow with purpose, and provide high-quality services and amenities for our residents,” he said.

    Adding, “I, along with the rest of council are very excited for this new development, as we believe it will fit very nicely into our vision.”