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  • Council’s holiday message to Chestermere

    Council reflects on the progress made since the election

    Council’s holiday message to Chestermere pic 1

    Happy Holidays Chestermere 

    It’s only been about nine weeks since we were elected, but we have been hard at work during that time to make changes that were brought to our attention by you, our residents. 

    In addition to our holiday greeting, we’d like to provide a quick update on just a few of our major accomplishments since we were sworn in on October 22. 

    In our short time in office, we have: 

    • Hired an Interim Chief Administrative Officer. 
    • Terminated the Civic Recreation Centre project and started looking into alternatives to support recreation while prioritizing new school sites. 
    • Voted to repeal the Public Conduct and Civil Discourse Policy. 
    • Changed the speed limit on Chestermere Boulevard back to 80 km/h. 
    • Installed advance turn signals at the intersection of Chestermere Blvd. and Rainbow Road. 
    • Increased the speed limit threshold for the flashing speed limit signs to 5km/h over the speed limit. 
    • Initiated the process of fully dissolving the utility company into the city and updated the shareholder agreement to improve transparency to the public. 
    • Began the process to create a public due diligence report on all major city projects from the last 15 years. 
    • Initiated a review of current board and committee appointments and began recruitment.
    • Represented Chestermere at the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) Conference and received positive feedback and support from the Ministers of Municipal Affairs, Infrastructure and Health. 
    • Hosted the 4th Annual Dirt to Door Development Event and started a dialogue with industry developers to look at new opportunities to increase commercial developments. 
    • Improved how we notify the public about upcoming Council meetings, and how we share the results of those meetings.