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  • Do you believe in your government?

    Do you believe that a premier and/or their secretary would not have had advance knowledge of a cabinet staffer and chief staffer’s monthly plans if they were planning to be out of the country for business or vacation? If they did not have knowledge, wouldn’t you think that it should be an expectation in case there was a provincial emergency to address? D

    o you believe that the turn around the Premier did in denouncing his staffers after stating they did nothing illegal was more about keeping his job when at the time social media was twittering #resignkenney? Do you believe that the premier doesn’t personally like it when the media or opposition holds him to account on his or his staff’s actions?  Do you believe that it was required to have the premier remind us Albertans that those that are elected to serve should be held to a higher standard as if that is somehow new information or a new expectation to be aware of? Do you believe the future of this province is adapting to the new realities of global change when the youth of this province are making choices to stay or not in planning their future? Do you believe continued investing of billions in an industry that is seeing global change in reducing its footprint and only millions in diversification is a sign of good leadership’s foresight for Alberta’s future?

    Do you believe when someone asks their MLA to explain the government’s repeated message that the civil servants are to be equal with other provinces when our MLA’s are the highest paid in Canada even after the 5% reduction? I asked that question to my MLA Leela Sharon Aheer based on my internet research knowledge of 15 months ago with repeated requests for an answer to explain. To date no reply, which seems to indicate one of two things or maybe both, that the UCP doesn’t want to answer that question or that my MLA chooses who she represents in her riding.

    How much time do you think is reasonable for a reply to someone you work for, when continuing to be paid about $10,000 a month, whether isolating or not plus benefits and expenses. What kind of leadership do you want in 2 years when you vote for your family’s future in Alberta?