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  • Jeff Colvin is passionate about making Chestermere the jewel of Alberta 

    Jeff Colvin is advocating for smart spending, recreation, commercial development, and seniors and youth resources 


    Jeff Colvin wanted to run for Mayor of Chestermere as he wants to see the community work for residents and thrive.

    “I decided to run for mayor because as a citizen I was seeing year after year fiscal mismanagement, our taxes continuing to rise, our ballooning 50 million debt, and a 40-million-dollar soccer field house with no pool, that we didn’t get to sign off on,” Colvin said. 

    Adding, “I knew we needed people with expertise and the business acumen to get us out of trouble. I am very passionate about making sure Chestermere meets its full potential because I believe Chestermere is the best place to live in Alberta. Under the right leadership Chestermere could be the oasis of Alberta.”

    Colvin’s top priorities include lower debt and residential property taxes, renegotiating the field house and build a pool, and make Chestermere a thriving city with activities for a diverse community.

    “There is a rumour that it would cost millions to renegotiate our deal for the recreation center. This is simply not true, it will take a little work and some re-planning, but I know how to get this done as I have faced this situation in the past on various other projects,” Colvin said.

    Colvin’s plan is to build a 7-million-dollar soccer field house, with a pool.

    “I am excited to be introducing new technology to build some of these new buildings and amenities. Instead of Chestermere being behind many of the communities around us, we can be the leaders,” Colvin said.

    To address overcrowding in schools, Colvin would take back the civic centre land, and build a high school.

    “If we get that in place, we can communicate that to the school board, so construction can begin as soon as possible, but we do need to get working on it quickly,” Colvin said.

    Adding, “It is important to have the lands for the new school ready to go as soon as possible and I would aim to have everything finalized by November 2021 so it could be ready for the school board.”

    Colvin also wants to work with builders to develop the land around John Peake Park into a beach front entertainment district. 

    “I envision a long beach being built and facing the beach front would be multiple story buildings, the top being for beach front condos, the bottom areas would be beach front shops, restaurants, wine barscoffee shops, breweries with patios. This would be an area that would be a lively hub for the community and visitors alike, bringing employment, revenue, and personality to our city,” Colvin said.

    In addition to advocating for recreation in the community, Colvin is opposed to the potential rezoning of the Lakeside Golf Course. 

    “I believe it adds as a great attraction to Chestermere for our citizens and visitors alike,” Colvin said.

    To save the golf course, Colvin and local friends wanted golf course members to purchase the facility and land, and Colvin would push for a co-op membership to be brought to residents.

    If elected, Colvin wants to see a high-tech business campus with an Amazon Centre, a University of Calgary and SAIT Satellite campuses, a Forever Parks Program, seniors housing and programming, youth programs and resources, and public transit only for Chestermere residents.

    “I would like to see a more strategic use of land to show just how beautiful and amazing Chestermere can be, and smarter spendingof tax dollars and to eliminate city debt. The ultimate goal is to set Chestermere up to flourish and not let it stagnate any longer,” Colvin said.

    If elected, Colvin is excited for the opportunity to work with council members and hear from residents about their wants and their needs.  

    “I am a person who looks how to fix issues, with clear, honest, well thought out plans based on my expertise and experience. I think it’s important for the citizens to vote for the person who understands how to work with multimillion-dollar budgets and multimillion-dollar projects,” Colvin said.

    “I want Chestermere to be the jewel of Alberta for all of us. I want Chestermere to be a city where we are all excited to raise our families and live the rest of our lives,” he said.