Lakeside Golf Course is an oasis of flora and fauna

I found the article on the Birds of Lakeside excellent. Mr. Cassidy has identified 24 species of birds in and around Lakeside Golf course. I have personally seen many of these birds while golfing at Lakeside Golf. It is great to put a name to the many species of birds habitating there. 

I have actually seen a pair of blue Heron frequenting the water feature on the 6th hole of the golf course, no doubt stopping for a refresher while on their annual migratory route, not sure which species of blue heron I saw, but amazed non the less.

I actually enjoyed seeing the tree swallows making use of the free accommodation at the 150 yard markers on the golf course, lots of action there. Another bird species you should be aware of when you are golfing is the raptor known as the Swainson’s Hawk, especially during their annual nesting period. Many golfers have been alerted to their presence by the high screech warnings just prior to going into a warning dive bomb, no doubt telling golfers in the area, to stay clear of their nest. I personally saw this dive action warning occur to a fellow golfer – wow – too close for comfort.

I have had residences of Lakeside Golf say they enjoy seeing a variety of animals such as the red fox and pups, localized coyotes, deer and seasonal birds such as partridges and owls. 

We are looking forward to further articles from Mr. Cassidy, as he educates us on the various bird species viewed at Lakeside Golf course and within the City of Chestermere.

The area known as Lakeside Golf Course is an oasis of natural habitat for many flora and fauna species of plant and animal like no other in any city in Alberta. 

A habitat meets all the environmental conditions an organisms needs to survive. For an animal, that means everything it needs to find and gather food, select a mate, and successfully reproduce. For a plant, a good habitat must provide the right combination of light, air, water, and soil.

We are able to enjoy these natural habitats where organism (plant or animal) inhabit, that’s great stuff.

Thanks again to Mr. Cassidy for his very informative message. 

Keep Lakeside Golf Course — Say “NO” to the redevelopment being proposed by Slokker Homes.

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