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  • Lakeside Greens Preservation Society presentation

    Dear Editor:

    On  Monday evening, 13 Sep 21 I attended a special presentation made by the Lakeside Greens Preservation Society BOD to current and hopeful Candidates in the upcoming municipal election for the city of Chestermere.

    It was an amazingly well prepared Presentation that was based on facts and debunked many of the myths being spread by Slokker Homes.  I now encourage the Mayoral and Council Members seeking election to proactively publicize their stance with regards to the constant exploitation of rezoning Green and Recreational spaces within the current confines of our beautiful city. The Preservation Society made an excellent presentation and from the Interaction I had with folks seeking election – it was a very productive evening. Now they need to put their platforms to the general population of Chestermere so that a responsible Council can be put in place. 

    Tom Wilson
    T. W. (Tom) Wilson, MMM, CD