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  • Municipal election candidates learn about the work being done by Lakeside Greens Golf Course Preservation Society

    Donors and supporters were given an opportunity to get to know the candidates 


    Municipal election candidates listened to the work being done by the Lakeside Greens Golf Course Preservation Society’s (LGGCPS) and concerns of the potential rezoning of the Lakeside Golf Club at Plaka on Sept. 13. 

    “The event exceeded our expectations. We had 100 spaces available for our donors and supporters and we could have filled the room several times over,” said Darby King-Maillot.

    Adding, “The room was filled with lively discussions and interactions.”

    Nearly one year ago, the LGGCPS commenced, and the team wanted candidates to learn more about the cause and the work being done, as the potential rezoning of the golf course is anticipated to be a hot topic during the municipal election.

    “We wanted the candidates to see and feel the strength of our supporters and learn more about our cause and our work. We also wanted to update our donors and supporters on our work and for them to have a chance to get to know the candidates,” King-Maillot said. 

    The ultimate goal of the event was to provide an opportunity for LGGCPS supporters to meet and evaluate the candidates who can and will be the people tasked with making decisions on the community’s behalf. 

    “We wanted the candidates to have a chance to connect to Chestermere voters who are passionate about our golf course and understand what other issues are important to residents,” King-Maillot said.

    Throughout the year, the LGGCPS has undertaken awareness campaign activities including a door-knocking campaign, reaching out to elected officials and candidates, an online petition with almost 5,000 signatures by September 2021, engaging social media posts, and frequent advertising.

    “Partial rezoning, even bits, and pieces would lead to a shorter, tighter course. The ability to host high-level tournaments, fundraising charity tournaments would be drastically reduced. Lakeside Greens would no longer attract high-level players, high-quality instructors, and staff or maintain a competitive junior program. Worse yet would be losing our 18- hole championship length course. Reducing to a 9-hole course, having golf course amenities only like a driving range or a mini-putt course, are all unacceptable options. It would be like trading in a Range Rover for a unicycle in the eyes of the golf world,” said a document is given from the LGGCPS to the municipal candidates.

    The LGGCPS expressed other concerns with the potential rezoning, including traffic congestion, negative impacts on the ecosystem such as the destruction of trees, greenery, bodies of water, stormwater drainage, and wildlife habitats.

    The LGGCPS is extremely grateful for the support the community has shown for ensuring the golf course remains an amenity in Chestermere.

    “We are so proud of everyone for coming together to fight for something that truly matters. We have a strong Preservation Society Board, backed by incredible volunteers, funded by generous donors and we are cheered on by thousands of Chestermere residents,” King-Maillot said.