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  • Ritesh Narayan prepared to continue work on city council 

    Ritesh Narayan is advocating for school sites, youth programming, seniors housing, commercial growth, and policing in Chestermere


    Although city council has completed a lot of tasks to ensure a better quality of life for Chestermere residents, the work isn’t done, which is why Ritesh Narayan is asking for the community vote.

    “In the four years, we’ve done a lot of good work, but there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done,” Narayan said.

    Throughout the four years, Narayan has established many positive relationships with stakeholders and surrounding municipalities.

    “I feel that I’m 100 per cent better at council than when I was initially elected in 2017. I’m seasoned, and have the knowledge and history of projects,” Narayan said.

    To ensure affordability in Chestermere, if elected, Narayan will only be approving projects from developers that are willing to meet a specific threshold.

    “Not housing, we have enough housing. In certain areas I won’t be in favour of residential in the city,” Narayan said.

    As Narayan will continue advocating for schools, developers will be required to develop schools before they develop houses.

    “In the next four years, we are slated to have new schools, but we need to secure the land. As a city councillor, I’ll be pushing staff aggressively to secure the lands from developers, so the school sites are ready,” Narayan added. “It’s the topmost priority in Chestermere.”

    In addition to affordability, Narayan wants to expand youth recreation programming and build the first phase of the civic centre to ensure youth have things to do in the community.

    “I want to spend a lot of time and effort in promoting and getting developers to build more parks and green spaces, I think that’s very important, that’s why I’m not in favour of rezoning the golf course,” Narayan said.

    Narayan will also be addressing the needs of seniors in the community, and focusing on their health and housing, by advocating for an urgent care facility in Chestermere, and a reliable ambulance service.

    Public safety and policing are extremely important to Narayan, and he has completed a report for the Calgary Regional Metropolitan Board (CRMB) on the policing needs in the region.

    “I want to be in council because we need to make some big decisions for the future of policing in Chestermere, and understanding how policing works, will be instrumental in making the decisions on what policing will look like in this city,” Narayan said.

    In the next four years, Narayan wants to see residential taxes be significantly reduced, at least two schools approved in Chestermere, commercial growth on the east side, the beginning of the second phase of the civic centre, and the golf course to remain as it is.