Stormwater Kidney open in Dawson’s Landing


The pond offers residents a gathering place and pathways to explore

Qualico Communities Calgary is excited to announce the Stormwater Kidney® in Dawson’s Landing, Chestermere is now open.

“Qualico Communities is excited to bring this amenity to the community and the city of Chestermere,” says Nina Wulder, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Qualico Communities Calgary. 

Adding, “This pond is another amazing amenity in the community that makes Dawson’s Landing a great place to call home.” 

The Stormwater Kidney® system cleans stormwater by circulating the water through spaces with a diverse ecosystem of plants and aquatic creatures so that nutrients contained in the stormwater nourish the living organisms. 

“Water is the lifeblood of Chestermere. The city has grown up around water. People love the water, play in the water, and respect the water,” says Clark Piechotta, Associate Director of Development, Qualico Communities. 

Adding, “When Qualico decided to invest in Chestermere, we felt a duty to approach the water with that same respect. Not only does the Stormwater Kidney® provide the best treatment available, but the pond is also designed to provide spectacular passive recreation opportunities. This pond engages our senses in ways that traditional ponds can’t. The moving water allowed us to build water features that are appealing to the eye, while also engaging a person’s sense of smell and hearing.” 

Qualico has partnered with Source2Source Inc. (S2S) and Magna Engineering Services Inc. (Magna) to implement this technology in its community. 

Qualico and partners are demonstrating a deep commitment to sustainable stormwater management infrastructure that will also provide an engaging natural space for residents to explore. 

“Our team has been thrilled to work with Qualico Communities and the City of Chestermere to deliver this innovative, naturalized stormwater treatment facility. This collaboration shows true dedication to protecting water quality in Chestermere and sets Dawson’s Landing apart as a leader in environmental stewardship,” said Jennifer Massig, CEO and Owner, MAGNA Engineering Services Inc. 

The Stormwater Kidney® system is resilient to both droughts and floods while creating much-needed biodiversity and bird habitat within urban settings. The Nautilus Pond® takes up a small part of the stormwater management facility footprint but removes all the problematic sediment from stormwater so that the remaining sensitive spaces in the system can thrive without fear of being smothered by sediment. 

The pond is an innovative, and sustainable stormwater management solution that reduces the cost and complexity of managing these systems for the city.

“We are so pleased that Chestermere will be home to the very first residential Stormwater Kidney® storm pond in the world,” said Mayor Chalmers, Mayor of Chestermere. 

Adding, “Our community is on a path towards being Amazing and this project is a perfect step towards that vision by incorporating innovative technology, collaborative partnerships, and local expertise. As a water-centric community, we celebrate this inventive project and have great hopes it will set a new standard for stormwater management.” 

Dawson’s Landing offers a variety of product types from award-winning builders which includes townhomes from Truman Homes starting in the low $300s, duplex homes from Morrison Homes starting Sterling Homes, NuVista Homes, and Broadview Homes, offer front garage homes starting from the mid $500s. 

“We are thrilled to bring this new innovation to Dawson’s Landing and showcase the community and its many features to residents and visitors,” Wulder said. 


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