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  • “The Whitecappers Carpet Bowlers”

    A Celebratory Poem

    Every Monday and Wednesday at the hour of one
    The Carpet Bowlers gather for an afternoon of fun
    Sometimes there’s 10 of us – or perhaps only 8
    But we linger awhile in case Charlotte is late!
    We roll out the carpet and equipment from the back
    The scoreboard, cards, sticks and the balls – yellow and black
    We cheer, high-5 and try to do our utmost best
    To not disturb the bridge players in all their serious-ness!
    Then later when the games are over we all gather around
    For a cup of hot coffee and whatever cookies can be found
    Now we’re lonely, confined to our homes, missing each and every friend
    Eagerly looking forward to a time ’til we can all meet again!

    sc Who is closest to the White Ball

    Editor’s note:  Carpet Bowling is an enjoyable game enjoyed by several seniors twice weekly at the Seniors’ Centre.  New players are always welcome and there are a dozen coaches willing to teach you the game.

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