To Mr. Kenney

Dear Mr. Kenney,
How wonderful it must be, to be healthy and rich. I wish you could live my life for a month or more. I struggle every day with numerous physical challenges and mental health torment. My life involves frequent trips to doctors and ambulance rides to overcrowded and understaffed emergency rooms.

The EMTs that drive me to the hospital have to wait there with me, until I can be transferred into the care of hospital staff, which can take a great number of hours, but despite that, you are doing your cruel best to eliminate these heroes of the sick and dying.

You probably have your own personal doctor who makes house calls. How lovely for you. For the rest of us, your mismanagement of the healthcare system has left Albertans suffering, and as you go idiotically forward in cutting nursing and healthcare positions and reducing their pay, many nurses and doctors will leave this province. They will leave solely because of you.

If you want to take me up on my offer to trade lives for a month, let me know, and, oh by the way, I subsist on Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (A.I.S.H.). So prepare yourself to live in poverty. C’mon you merciless man, take the challenge. I dare you


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