Alcohol consumption permitted at John Peake and Sunset Parks

Spirits and glass beverage containers are prohibited.

Chestermere residents and visitors can now enjoy a drink at John Peake Park and Sunset Park.

Liquor consumption is now permitted at designated areas at John Peake Park and Sunset Park, as part of the alcohol consumption pilot project.

Alcohol consumption between 11 a.m., and 8 p.m. is permitted.

Users can walk around the large grass areas with a beverage but must remain within the defined areas.

“The City of Chestermere asks users to drink responsibly and please be respectful to other park users and their surroundings,” a City of Chestermere media release said.

The city is encouraging all parkgoers to share their user experience with the pilot project, by scanning a QR code posted in the parks, or by visiting

Alcohol consumption is only permitted at John Peake Park and Sunset Park. City council kept surrounding areas in mind when choosing the parks, ensuring proper distance from playgrounds and family-central locations, and access to portable washrooms, the release said.

Wine, coolers, beer, cider, liqueurs and similar types of products are allowed in the parks. The consumption of any spirits and glass beverage containers is prohibited.

Disruptive behaviour, public intoxication, and public urination won’t be tolerated during the pilot.

The city expects parkgoers utilizing the pilot project to be respectful and to clean up after themselves.

However, if behaviours become an issue, the City of Chestermere, city administration, and municipal enforcement can cancel the project at any time, without warning.

Before implementing the pilot program, amendments were made to the Community Standards Bylaw, and it was reviewed by the city’s public consultation, Community Peace Officers, RCMP, and legal counsel.

City administration will bring the results of the pilot project back to council in the late fall to review.

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