Camp Chestermere excited to welcome summer campers

Camp Chestermere is preparing for the summer camp season.

Camp Chestermere is excited to offer day and overnight summer camps beginning in July.

Overnight camps start on July 3 and are available for youth between seven and 15, and day camps for youth five to 13 are open starting on July 4.

During the summer camps, youth can expect all classic Camp Chestermere activities including archery, wall climbing, slingshots, target shooting, power tubing, kayaking, canoeing, games, and a mobile skate park and mobile playground.

“Camp Chestermere creates A Place to belong for all children in the way we build relationships, create experiences and develop people so that we can be a gift to the community,” Camp Chestermere Executive Director Shannon Dean said. “We love these values so that all children who come feel safe, loved, and valued.”

New to the roster of camp activities this year, is archery tag.

“This is like paintball but with bows and arrows. Don’t worry, there are a lot of safety protocols in place for this,” Dean said.

Camp Chestermere is committed to being a space where youth can put aside any worries from home and enjoy programs designed to encourage development and growth.

“Summer overnight camp is known to help campers grow independence and self-esteem, develop new interests, appreciate nature, get active and build amazing memories. Many adults today cite summer camp as the place where they made friends that lasted a lifetime, where they developed skills and where they developed positively as a person,” Dean said. “Summer overnight camps often are used for childcare and respite care, providing a safe, fun environment for children to flourish.”

Throughout the years of running summer camps, Dean has heard a lot of positive feedback from youth who attended the camps.

“We often receive great feedback about our camps, and we see many kids attend year after year,” Dean said.

The deadline to register for a summer camp is the Friday before the next camp starts, however, camps are filling up fast.

To successfully run the summer camps, Camp Chestermere is looking for volunteers who can help in the kitchen, on the work crew, and driving the boat.

To volunteer, email Shannon Dean at

In addition to summer camps, Camp Chestermere also offers the Helping All Campers Succeed Program that offers one on one care for children with special needs, the Volunteer Mentorship Program, and the CLTD Teen Leadership Program, all funded by Family Community Support Services (FCSS) and United Way Chestermere.

For any youth who cannot afford summer camp, Camp Chestermere also offers the Jar Jar’s Kids Financial Assistance Program, where youth are sponsored to go to camp.

For more information about Camp Chestermere’s programs, visit

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