Carbon tax, Rebate and what matters;

Premier Kenney announced March 28th that his government will ask the federal government to not continue with the Climate Action Incentive Program Carbon tax come April 1. As usual he talked about what it’s going to cost Albertans now and nothing about the rebates or increasing costs we all have been seeing due to the changing climate.

As an example I understand that last year’s drought more than doubled the cost of local wheat, now imagine happening around the world. How was your hay crop last season? The federal conservative opposition states their worried about passing down the national debt cost to future generations.

So I ask what will be a greater cost in the future between not having enough food or water to go around for life or servicing a debt? Predictions have been made that by 2030 if the earth temperature is not stabilized then I suggest worrying about paying debt will be the least of our problems.

Climate change is here how bad it gets is your choice of government. The federal government reported that 8 out of 10 people should receive a rebate because the rebate is based on helping the lower income earners which means the wealthier pay more of the cost. Isn’t that what you want, because it appears our provincial government has a problem with that concept.

Here is some information as quoted from a web search, which the Alberta government seems to avoid mentioning during these announcements.     

“The Climate action incentive (CAI) commonly called Carbon tax rebates/credit consist of an amount given to the Canadians of specific Provinces by the government of Canada. Approximatly 90% of the Carbon Tax will be returned to residents through the CAI payments.” 

“In 2022-23, the increased CAI payments announced means a family of four will receive $745 in Ontario, $832 in Manitoba, $1,101 in Saskatchewan, and $1,079 in Alberta. Families in rural and small communities are eligible to receive an extra 10 per cent.”

As the government likes to remind us, we’re all in this together, or are we? 

Dennis Bigras
Wheatland county

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