Chestermere Fine Art Guild welcoming new members

The guild meets weekly at the Chestermere Recreation Centre.

The Chestermere Fine Art Guild is putting out a call for all individuals with a passion for creating art to join the guild.


The guild meets weekly for art sessions, hosts annual art shows and sales, and hosts demonstrations and workshops from local artists. 


There are currently 18 members, all of whom use a variety of mediums, such as acrylic paint, watercolour, oil paint, and mixed media.


Guild member Violette Clemente considers her art style to be impressionist and uses mostly acrylic and watercolour paints, and some mixed media.


I don’t try to copy a photo the way it looks, I try to put my own strokes and my own colours. Our members are so talented, they can paint from a picture that looks like a picture,” Clemente said. “You need a lot of talent and knowledge to do that, I’m just about strokes and colour.”


The guild is actively looking to get more members and grow the group.


“In Chestermere, we have to really make an effort if we want to attract people,” Clemente said.

Clemente and members of the guild are looking for like-minded individuals to join who have a similar passion for art, and who can bring new ideas to the guild.


The guild members meet once a week at the Chestermere Recreation Centre to paint, help each other with the projects they are working on, and ask for each other’s opinions.


“We know each other so well. We have been painting with each other for years,” Clemente said.


Twice a year, the guild hosts an art show and sale to showcase what members have been working on.


Members are now preparing for the upcoming Fall Art Show and Sale on Oct. 22, at the Chestermere Recreation Centre. 


“We rent the room from the recreation centre, and they allow us to have two shows a year. We have to be grateful for that,” Clemente said. “It helps that we have art shows because if not what would I do with all my paintings in the basement.”


The guild also hosts demonstrations for members, to learn, and grow their skills, where an artist is invited to demonstrate how they create a painting. 


“We would sit and watch an artist produce the painting, and that helps a lot to see somebody do it,” Clemente said.


The guild also hosts workshops where an artist is invited to demonstrate and teach guild members about certain techniques, bring their knowledge of painting, and teach members how to work with different mediums safely. 


“Having a professional artist, they know how to teach, and they know how to paint. That’s for sure,” Clemente said.


The guild is excited to welcome a Calgary artist to an upcoming workshop on Nov. 17. 


For more information about the guild, and to join, contact

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