Chestermere’s Scare Fest: Dive into Dr. Giggles’ Haunting Realm!

Chestermere’s very own Dr. Giggles promises a Halloween experience like no other.

For 16 years, Mike Koroll, known to locals as Dr. Giggles, and his wife Siobhan, have turned their deep-rooted love for Halloween into Chestermere’s favorite Halloween haunt.
The origin of Dr. Giggles is as intriguing as the man himself. Born from Mike’s passion for themed Halloween parties, the phenomenon kicked off in 2007. “After setting up a single scene for some kids, it became an instant hit. The idea then expanded to our driveway and has since taken on a life of its own,” explained Mike.

Delve Deep into the Abyss of Nightmares

Brought to life by Dr. Giggles, the mastermind of horror, and his sinister sidekick, Mortus, their haunted house experience promises to blur the lines between reality and the depths of your most vivid nightmares.

The Duo behind the Horror

Dr. Giggles: From crafting spine-chilling atmospheres to igniting the very essence of fear, Dr. Giggles’ twisted creativity knows no bounds. He’s the genius who takes everyday ordinary things and turns them into your darkest fears.
Mortus: Partnering with Dr. Giggles, Mortus delves deep into the intricacies of horror. With an acute sense for details, he manifests the most ominous visions, making the ordinary undeniably eerie.

Dare to Enter the Theatre of Pain?

This October, Chestermere’s very own haunted house, Dr. Giggles House of Pain, brings an immersive horror cinematic experience titled “Terrifier, Saw, The Ring and Insidioushave been expertly curated to send shivers down your spine.
Moreover, a sequel to Dr. Giggles’ film, “House of Pain”, will be featured. “This year, we’ve outdone ourselves. The scenes are the best we’ve ever created. With a dedicated team, we’ve incorporated even more spine-chilling elements,” stated a visibly excited Mike.

For Chestermere, By Chestermere

More than just a Halloween haunt, Dr. Giggles House of Pain has always been about the community. From creating opportunities for local youth to collaborate with the Chestermere Food Bank, Mike and Siobhan ensure that their creation benefits the community. All proceeds from the haunt go back into making the next one even better and supporting local charities.
This year, the Korolls have ramped things up a notch. With a bigger venue and an even more intense experience, they’re gearing up to provide Chestermere with a Halloween it won’t forget. “Expect a roller-coaster of emotions; it’s going to be a nightmarish delight,” hinted Mike.
So, Chestermere, are you ready to embark on a journey where fear takes center stage? Join Dr. Giggles and dive deep into the world of the unknown. But remember, once you enter, there’s no turning back!

Details of the Nightmarish Journey:

Dates: Every Thurs, Fri, Sat from October 5 to 30, 2023, and on Halloween night | 6 PM to 10:30 PM.
Duration: 15 minutes of pure horror.
Location: Chestermere Rec Centre, 201 W Chestermere Drive.
Ideal for ages 13 and above.
Tickets: $30 per person available at
Remember -we are not inside the Rec centre building, but behind.

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