Local gym owner working towards a healthy community

Local gym owner working towards a healthy community
Strong and Free Fitness owner Brett Leonty is on a mission to help 100 individuals lose 1,000 lbs collectively by April 22. Photo/Brett Leonty

Brett Leonty is on a mission to help 100 people lose 1,000 lbs.

A Chestermere gym owner is encouraging residents to live a healthy lifestyle, with a new community-wide fitness initiative. 

Strong and Free Fitness owner Brett Leonty is on a mission to help 100 individuals lose 1,000 lbs. collectively by April 22.

“It’s an initiative to encourage and support the overall health of the City of Chestermere,” Leonty said. 

Leonty is offering three ways individuals can get involved with the initiative, either by joining the gym to gain unlimited access to workouts, receiving a meal plan of 55 recipes highlighting healthy eating habits or receiving an information package filled with weight loss and healthy lifestyle tips.

“There are a lot of misconceptions that can be cleared up,” Leonty said. “They don’t have to do the workouts, or even the meal plan, they can request the information package, which is going to give them the information on how to lose weight, how to live a healthy lifestyle, and how to implement fitness into their life.”

If individuals already have a workout program that works for them, they can request only the meal plan to help spur their results.

Although Leonty has offered similar fitness initiatives in the past, he’s never offered a program of this size before. 

“We’ve been operating both under the Strong and Free brand and Fit Body Boot Camp, we’ve been helping people in Chestermere lose weight and get in shape for almost six years,” Leonty said. “In that time, we’ve helped hundreds of people lose weight, get in shape, burn fat, build strength, and improve their health.”

Leonty wanted to offer the fitness initiative as a way to inspire Chestermere residents to invest in themselves, and in their community.

“Sometimes people need that spark to get themselves started and being part of a large group living healthier as a community might be the start that somebody needs to pull the trigger and do something for themselves,” Leonty said. “The end goal is to help Chestermere as a whole and make movement towards fitness.”

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Brett Leonty is working to encourage a healthy community, where residents invest in themselves, through a new community-wide fitness initiative. Photo/Brett Leonty

Through the initiative, Leonty is hopeful to encourage others to invest in themselves, eat well, exercise on a regular basis, and implement routines to establish a healthy lifestyle.

“When you’re eating well, exercising on a regular basis, and investing in yourself you can give more to the people in your life. By encouraging people to invest in themselves, and invest in their health, the entire community can grow together, and people can be more involved in the community,” Leonty said.

“If the last three years have taught us anything, it should be the importance of making our own health a priority. The only way to prioritize our health is by investing our time and effort,” he added. “By taking on a challenge like this one, not only are we investing in our own health, but we’re also setting an example for our children’s generation. We’re holding ourselves to a higher standard, we’re raising the expectations of our community, we’re leading our children to a healthier, happier, more prosperous future, and we’re doing it by example.”

Fitness has always been important to Leonty and has helped him not only manage his physical health, but also his mental health, and he wants others to see the benefits of exercise. 

“What I’ve been able to do through my facility is help people through their struggles, both mentally and physically, and that’s very important to me,” Leonty said. 

“By being active, I pay more attention to my health, I’ve been able to be a better father to my children, and a better contributor to my community,” Leonty said. “I know the value that health brings to all other aspects of your life, when you make your health, fitness and diet a priority, you’re able to give more to the people around you. If we can do that collectively as a community, we can make some pretty impressive transitions.”

To register for the fitness initiative before March 23, visit the Strong and Free Fitness website, or email Leonty  at brett@strongandfreefitness.com, for more information. 

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