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  • Chestermere’s growth means upgrades desirable

    I am glad that someone was reading my letter in the Anchor, and actually responded to it, because my purpose in writing the letter is for the residents to discuss this issue more, just like the letters that people, such as me, wrote in the Anchor about the lake dredging issue. I have not lived here as long as Mr. Graham, but we must all be aware that the demographics and population in Chestermere has changed tremendously in the last 20 years. I have lived here for only 11 years, but for safety reasons, I wear a highly reflective jacket, with a flashing light on the dog, a light on myself, and a light on the bike when I ride at night, but I still believe it is still unacceptable, and below municipal standards, not have street lights, and a bike path.

    Moreover, having to share the middle of the road with other vehicles, even with all the safety precautions I take, is still very dangerous. From my personal experience, there are a lot of idiot drivers on the road, including in Chestermere. From what I was told, East Chestermere Drive was paved, and the road was moved 15 feet away from the lake front in the early 1990’s. We must change with the times. Chestermere is no longer a village, so the older residents should no longer have a village mentality.

    I am not in favour of paying extra property taxes for putting in street lights, and a bike path, as most people in East Chestermere Drive are concerned about, but what I am hoping for, is that there will be another government grant, and a municipal improvement to bring East Chestermere Drive to the same municipal standards as the rest of Chestermere, in the not too distant future.

    Yours sincerely,
    A. Lee