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  • First pie auction a success

    Hundreds of dollars raised to benefit the food bank

    CHESTERMERE – Considering it was the first time there has ever been an old fashioned pie auction in Chestermere, organizers are saying that it was a smash hit.

    Local pie artist and organizer Jennifer Peddlesden said that the auction raised around $950 for the local food bank, which she said was a big success.

    “I can’t believe how smoothly it went,” she said. “Despite it being out first year, there weren’t any hangups and everything went as planned. It was a great addition to the fair.”

    A fair sized crowed turned up at the curling rink to witness the red ribbon competition awards be presented, and most stayed around to watch and take part the auction.

    MP Kevin Sorenson was even on hand to give out the prizes and help with the auction.

    “I think what was really neat that we were able to have Kevin Sorenson come out and help us with the auction,” Peddlesden said. “Not only was he available to give out prizes, but he actually helped auction off some of the pies.

    “I had no idea he was an auctioneer, so that was quite exciting.”

    Graham Auctioneers donated their time to auction off the pies, and each of them took a pie home themselves.

    “It was awesome for them to volunteer their time, and each of them bought a pie too which was great,” she said. “We had amazing support from them.”

    Peddlesden said that they also had great support from the community, as there were a lot of different bidders. She said that she was happy to see all 23 pies go at a good price.

    Kathy Johnson’s pie went for the top price of $85, with one the “RCMP Pies” going for $80.

    “There was some lively competition, and the auctioneers were ribbing some people a bit about buying pies,” she said. “It was really fun, we had a good time.”

    Peddlesden also said that she was thrilled to see some of the people who won cash prizes from the red ribbon competition tun around and bid on pies with their winnings.

    There were 34 people who came out to the workshop last week to make pies for the auction, and Peddlesden said that it was arguably more fun than “Bake It, Don’t Fake it” which took place last year.

    “Everyone had a lot of fun, there were definitely more smiles this time around,” she said. “People are already asking about it next year, and we have ideas to get the firemen involved as well.”

    She added, “I think we should have an emergency services bake-off.”

    Peddlesden said that in the end, everything went off without a hitch, and that she is looking forward to hosting a similar event next year.

    “I think the only thing we will change for next year is that we will ask people to be a little more imaginative in the kind of fillings they bring for the pies,” she said. “We need a bigger variety. Apples are in season so we had quite a few apple pies.”

    Overall, she said she’d like to thank everyone who made pies and came out to the auction. She also issued a special thanks to the ladies who spent the Friday night baking and cooling all 23 pies.

    “For them to carefully bake all of those pies and get them to look as beautiful as they did was amazing, major kudos to them,” she said. “As for everyone that came out and made a pie, thank you.

    “Everyone had such a great attitude, it was so much fun.”