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    Remembering Jordan Keeler

    Jordan Keeler

    A happy boy with a gentle heart who always had a smile on his face. This is how Jordan Keeler is being remembered by friends, classmates, and staff at Our Lady of Wisdom School. Sadly, Jordan died in a fire that destroyed his family home on October 14. While we are saddened by his death, our school community chooses to honor his memory by celebrating his life. We have much to remember and celebrate.
    Jordan carried himself always with a sense of dignity. He is described by those who knew him best as a great and loyal friend. Never, ever, can it be said that he uttered a harsh word against anyone. No matter the circumstances, Jordan could always be counted on to find something positive to say. Jordan would always greet everyone with a smile and offer a helping hand to anyone in the school, child or adult, regardless of their grade or class.
    Jordan’s gentle heart could be seen in many ways. Jordan would often come to the assistance of younger children who were hurt on the playground, guiding them to an adult and explaining the situation. As well, he was very protective of his younger sister and kept a watchful eye over her wherever he could. His actions consistently demonstrated his belief in treating others the way you want to be treated.
    This year, as a Grade 5 student, Jordan had the opportunity to try out for our school patrol team. He was extremely proud to have been selected for this team and he took his responsibility for student safety very seriously. Jordan was also a member of our school’s clean-up crew for the past couple of years. This is a group of students who dedicate their lunch hours to sorting and cleaning the juice box and milk cartons from lunch for recycling.
    Aside from participating in these clubs, Jordan demonstrated leadership in many other areas of the school community. Computers and technology were a passion and love for Jordan. He was known to assist in setting up technology, such as SMART boards in classrooms, and would assist other students when they were having difficulties with computers in class. In Grade 3 he spent many hours caring for the birds his class was studying as part of their science unit. In addition, over the past few years Jordan has been a regular member of our school’s rosary club, which meets weekly for prayer over the lunch hour.
    While we are saddened by his loss, Jordan’s presence has made a lasting and meaningful impact on the lives of those who knew him; we are grateful for having had Jordan in our lives. He possessed a strength of dignity and character rarely seen in a young man his age. It has been said that people live on in the hearts of those who loved them. Knowing this to be true, Jordan’s presence will continue to shine brightly in the hearts of all members of our school community. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Jordan and his family at this difficult time. And so we will continue to remember and celebrate the life of a remarkable young man. God bless you, Jordan.