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  • Town Council Notes

    The regular meeting of Chestermere town council on Dec. 19, 2011 showed no appointments.


    Council discussed Policy 123, regarding meeting room rental space at Town Hall. They were presented with three options, to either keep the policy as is, make changes to the policy such as add a security deposit, or to deny all groups except those committees that include town staff or a councillor.
    They discussed whether or not to charge groups for equipment use, such as for using projectors, televisions or sound systems, and how they would monitor deposits on this usage.
    It was discussed that a refundable security deposit could be used to ensure some security on some electronics.
    It was moved that staff amend and update option number two, which would allow for groups to use facilities in Town Hall as long a deposit was paid, an additional cost for equipment usage was included, and that a specified inspector for pre and post use of facilities be included. The motion was carried.

    Council then looked at the applications for committees in 2012.
    The Audit Committee, the Library Board, the Policing Committee, the Cenotaph Committee, and the Spray Park Committee were just a few of the committees who were approved by council.


    Municipal Planner Alan Boucher made a report to council regarding the West Merganser Drive project.
    The project is seeking to fix the current road and drainage problems, as well as incorporate a regional pathway on the south side of West Merganser.
    Council presented concerns about the project cost, what would be done to fix the road and the drainage, and the timeline for the project.
    It was discussed that the project is grant eligible, but that the cost has increased since the project began.
    Council made no decision about the project as it was just a report, but requested more information.

    Mayor Matthews reported that she met with responders to recruitment RFP, met with United Way Fundraiser committee for wrap up party regarding Okotoberfest, and met with Edna Sutherland regarding the Chestermere Inclusion Project.
    She attended several budget meetings, CUI meetings regarding strategic planning for 2012, and attended an Intermunicipal meeting with Rocky View Council members and staff.
    She met with Chair of the Board for WID regarding project updates and plans for 2012,
    presented at Wheatland Women’s Business group for their breakfast meeting, and met with representatives of EnCharis regarding future land plans and requirements for servicing.
    Matthews also met with the organizer of Chestermere’s attempt at the World’s Longest Hockey Game to receive an overview of the event, attended the Council’s Christmas party for staff at the Recreation Centre, and observed all the great work done by Community Services and various fabulous volunteers to raise money for Christmas with Dignity at Christmas on the Lake.
    Matthews said, “Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a safe holiday season.”