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  • August news from Lyalta

    Boy, was that ever some kind of storm. I have never ever saw one quite like that before, with the wind so strong and the clouds so low. Visibility, was something else, trees shredded and knocked down, gardens completely done in and then there is the crops in some areas that you are not sure what they were, barley or wheat flattened. The hail in some areas was bigger than we got at our place, it was only pea size but was laying on the ground in some places like snow.

    The Lyalta Community Club is very thankful for the assistance they’ve received in the form of a grant given through the Community Spirit Program. This program-almost 100% match – any Donations we had received in 2010. The goal of this program is to increase charitable giving by individuals who want to support Alberta’s nonprofit and charitable organizations. Funding for this community investment program is provided through the Alberta Lottery Fund. Thanks to those of you that have contributed to our Donation Fund either individually or through attending any of our ticketing fund raising events. This program has really created a win win deal for those that give a specific individual donation, they are given an Alberta Charitable tax credit of 21% if their donations for the year that exceeded $200. The funds were put towards the renovating of our Clubhouse Overhang, the construction of a new Storage Shed and the replacement of our Entrance Sign. We are hoping to have enough donations to apply again soon, so think of us if you are looking for a tax credit, or would just simply like to help keep your local Community Centre up and running.

    Speaking of fundraising, our next fundraising event is coming up soon with Jamie Pruden, the hypnotist, on Oct. 20, with doors opening at 7:00pm and the show to follow at 8:00. And, you can always count on lunch after the show. Tickets are $30.00 and you can call Bev @ 403-934-4235 for them. So if you are in need for a good laugh, please plan to join us as these type of shows always are hilarious and will lift up your spirits especially if you have been feeling down.

    On another note of fundraising, we are looking for more workers for our Casino on Sept. 7 & 8. If you could help out the Community Club with your time as we need a few more workers to fill in some time slots, we would sure appreciate it. Please call Colleen at 403-935-4385 and let her know if you are available. These positions are not hard jobs, just needing some of your time and you don’t have to be a Community Club member to do it. Thanks in advance if you are able to help.

    Birthdays for the month of August are: Lewis Jamieson,, Cosette Lacroix, Klinton Holly, Denise Shkuratoff and Coreena Walls.

    Thought for the day: Your rewards in life are always in direct proportion to your contribution.