Best Glute Exercises For A Firm Backside

Looking to increase your backside appearance? If you’re like most women, and even some men, the butt region is a specific place on your body that you really want to be targeting with your workout session.
Having a firm backside is definitely viewed as attractive and beats having a flat butt any day of the week. The problem however is that many people are not training their glute muscles properly and don’t actually know how to target these muscles as they should.
Let’s go over some of the best glute exercises that you should be including in your workout program so that you know precisely what you need to be doing.
Single Leg Deadlifts
The very first exercise that is a must for proper glute training is the single leg deadlifts. While regular deadlifts are often recognized as the go-to glute movement, to up the intensity, try doing it on one leg only.
Because you will have less hamstring power behind you, there is a greater chance that you will recruit the glute muscles in this position, getting the results you’re aiming for.
When you perform regular style deadlifts, you may not even activate the glute at all, which will still provide a good lower body movement, but not one that is helping with this goal.
Split Squats
The next movement that you want to include as part of your workout plan is the split squat. Split squats are very compatible to lunges but are going to place a little more focus on the glute muscles as opposed to the quads and hamstrings. You’ll still target those muscles as well, but with the right focus in muscle activation, you’ll be able to hit the glutes better.
When doing this exercise, you want to think of really pushing up through the glute muscles, rather than using the quads to power the exercise. If you think of shifting your bodyweight slightly backwards so that you’re pushing through the heel, this will help create the effect that you’re looking for.
Using a barbell while you perform this exercise rather than a set of dumbbells can also help with the proper muscle activation, so that may be something else that you want to consider.
Glute Bridges
Finally, the last great glute-building movement to include in your workout routine is the glute bridge. Glute bridges are an often overlooked exercise that is great for isolating the glutes and really creating that rounded appearance you’re likely going for.
When doing this one, you may want to consider placing a weighted plate or barbell across your hips to add extra resistance and enhance the difficulty of the movement.
This exercise is also good for getting a nice hamstring curve as well, so if you’re really looking to firm up the lower body, a movement that you will want to perform regularly.
So there you have some of the top glute building exercises to add to your workout routine. You don’t need to do all of these each workout, but adding one or two will definitely serve you well.


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