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  • Chestermere Cycling gets its wheels under it

    After 2 successful meetings, a core group of local riders has firmly established the Chestermere Cycling Group and is now ready to get the riding season fully rolling. After some discussion the group decided that a membership structure was not necessary since the goal is simply to encourage cycling of all types from ice-cream rides to competitive training. With no membership of course there will also be no membership fees and all the efforts will be completely volunteer. This fits well with the group philosophy. Local and longer distance rides will be scheduled in the Chestermere Cycling calendar available online at http://goo.gl/BGEib by one of the core group. A meeting location and some general details such as type of ride, distance and difficulty will be included. Anyone who interested in the ride will be able to join the ride at the meeting location and just ride along. Rides will range from an easy ride around the lake to more intensive road rides over longer distances. Everyone in Chestermere and surrounding areas is encouraged to join a ride and anyone can suggest a ride by e-mailing Randy Thornhill at rthor68@gmail.com. (Note: We will require that all riders have a helmet and a bell is recommended for pathway rides). If you would like to join the core group or simply have questions or suggestions, please contact Randy.