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  • Fundraiser to benefit local mom who is battling stage four cancer

    Kathy Hadley hopes to raise funds and awareness about alternative therapy options

    Langdon mom, Kathy Hadley
    Kathy Hadley, a resident of Langdon and mother of 10, is having a fundraiser hosted in her name to help with the cost of her cancer therapy.
    Langdon mom, Kathy Hadley

    Kathy Hadley, a resident of Langdon and mother of 10, is having a fundraiser hosted in her name to help with the cost of her cancer therapy.

    LANGDON – Longtime resident of Langdon, Kathy Hadley, underwent aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments for breast cancer back in 2008 and 2009.
    Unfortunately, the cancer has metastasized into her bones, lymph nodes and lungs. With a loving husband and ten children, five of them biological and five that are either adopted or are under joint-guardianship, Hadley has a lot to live for. With determination to find the best possible options available for her, Kathy actively researched her choices and found a natural alternative therapy.
    She began the therapy at Grassroots Naturopathic Clinic back in November, and said that it has made a world of difference for her, which is why she wants to continue with the therapy. However, because it is not an option that is covered by the government and because it is costly, the fundraiser is necessary for her to be able to continue.
    “Paying for alternative therapy that has made a lot of progress in my disease,” she said. “In just a few short months we’ve had some tumors that has diminished and some that have shrunk to half the size.
    “There is some really neat healing going on and I would like to continue the therapies, but our government does not cover anything that is considered non- pharmaceutical, whether we are benefitting from it or not.”
    Kathy said that she hopes to raise to cover the costs of her treatments over the next two years. The next therapy she hopes to go for is in Germany, and is not available in Canada. She said that it is a more extensive option that could eradicate the cancer in her bones. Although raising the funds is important to her, raising awareness about the alternative options is also something she is striving to achieve.
    “I would really just like to get the word out that there are options that we’re not being told about that really can help prolong or save our life in stage four cancer, and help live healthier and stronger through it,” she said. “It helps manage pain as well, it’s made a world of difference.
    “At the fundraiser we will be providing info about these options, so it’s not just about me, it’s about everyone in my position.
    “I am healthier than a lot of people with stage four cancer, as are the other people I have met while these therapies. We shine because we feel better, and it should be for everybody.”
    Kathy said that she eventually hopes to take courses in leadership and effective communication so she can really take raising awareness to a new level.
    The fundraiser will be about cancer support and will feature guest speakers who Kathy has become close with during her battle, including Dr. Matt Pyatt ND from the Grassroots Naturopathic Clinic where she goes for her therapy. Lorraine Jones, president of Chickwagon, Marc Le’ oust, founder of The Le’ oust Endowment Fund, and Cory Fagan, sports physiologist and Cancer vive-a-Tri coach and trainer will also speak.
    Chestermere duo Gypsy and The Rose as well as the Chestermere Soundwaves will perform, and Alpine Catering is doing the buffet dinner. There will also be live and silent auctions.
    Kathy said that donations and support has already been coming in, but they still have a long way to go.
    “The fundraiser is only weeks away I do believe in miracles,” she said. “I hope people come and be a part of it, because it is going to be a party about living. 
    “I want to see people come and enjoy this evening and celebrate life. It’s going to be a wonderful evening and I’m looking forward to it.”
    Kathy’s fundraiser, “Believe with Me”, will be held on Saturday, April 21 at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Hall in Calgary. 
    Tickets are $50 and can be purchased online at pc-tronics.ca/kathyh or via email at believewithme@mail.com.
    For more info, tickets or donation pickups contact Lana Beierbach in Chestermere at 403-975-1211 or by beierbach@platinum.ca, or contact Pearle Gillette in Calgary by email pearleg@shaw.ca or call 403-874-9446.
    For anyone who can’t attend the event, donations are being accepted online at www.canadahelps.org. 
Searhc “Foundation of the Family”and then “Charitable Foundation of the Family (Calgary)” and select “Believe With Me” on the drop down menu.