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  • Learn to Make Bread and Jam

    Do you miss your mom or grandma’s home cooking? Have a craving for fresh homemade bread? With homemade jam? Or what about the taste of warm apple pie with a melt in your mouth crust? Well you are living in the right community because your wishes and cravings will soon be answered. Sign up today for ‘Preserving Our Skills’ This full day of fun, kitchen creativity takes place on Saturday July 28th, in the Whitecapper’s room of the Chestermere Regional Community Centre, 9am to 3pm. Individuals or teams of four (adults and kids old enough to use a stove) can register up to July 20th. And the cost? It is FREE! Ingredients and supplies are kindly provided by the Chestermere Agricultural Society–the organization in our community that cares about preserving our historical country roots! Nothing is more heavenly then the smell and taste of home baked bread. For some it will bring back fond memories. For others this is a chance to build memories with your own children/grandchildren. Our instructor will show you how to make healthier bread as well as give you many ideas to vary your loaf to appeal to your family’s taste. And as well as the bread, voila, you will become a master of pastry and the two crust apple pie. For a more modern touch, you will also take home not just a jar of jam, but a jar of salsa as well. This day of learning will be facilitated by Louise Bruns from http://www.pattersonspringsfarm.com . You are never too old or too young to learn a traditional skill from the kitchen. Registration is limited so e-mail Carol right now at mailto:accounting@chestermerecrca.com and for information call 403 272 7170 x 223.