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  • Let’s Talk Money – Junior Achievement Program

    Volunteer instructors Lesley Mercier (CIBC) and Marcy Field (Mountain Lion Leadership) begin the 4 hour Junior Acheivement Program – Dollars with Sense

    CHESTERMERE – On November 14th about 170 students in the Chestermere Middle School received instruction in money management and all of the basics that go along with it. The Junior Achievement Program called “Dollars and Sense” was delivered to the students by a number of volunteers, some of whom have a financial background and some who don’t. Wendy Gerbrandt, the Regional Coordinator for Junior Achievement, had a great response for volunteers this year and reluctantly had to turn away a few.
    Among the volunteers delivering the program were Roneel Sharma, Melissa Stevenson, Darren McCagherty and Barbara Myhovich from the Chestermere Scotiabank, Bernie Owen and Mellissa Dang from the Royal Bank, Lesley Mercier-Chestermere CICB, Marcy Field –Mountain Lion Leadership, Cynthia Bakker-Community Natural Foods, Bill Quinney – Quinney and Associates, Tammy Hall and Chris Taylor- Strathmore Scotiabank. Gerbrandt would like to give thanks to all of the volunteers for delivering the program.
    Each of the four lessons took an hour to present, topics such as Exploring Methods of Payment, Are you a Smart Consumer, Don’t Pay for a Year, Look Out for Fraud and many more. There was even a money BINGO to end the morning classes.
    So parents, if you need some financial advice, you can go to your kids for that now.