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  • My theory – Basic Garbage, Water and Sewer Charges

    My Theory of Why Chestermere Residents are Leaving the Town or Wanting to Leave the Town of Chestermere
    Dear Mr. Blaha, Mayor Mathews, and Town Councilors:
    In response to your letter that was in May 17th’s Anchor edition, I am very discouraged by the water conversation incentive program. The amount of money that people pay for water consumption is a very insignificant amount, compared to the fixed amount for sewer, water, and storm water service, of $99.40.
    Last month’s bill for our consumption of water was only $20.80. If the CUI sincerely want to motivate the Chestermere residents to conserve on the use of water, then the sewer, water, and storm water service charges should be based on a percentage of the use of water, instead of a fixed amount. Our total bill, including the basic charge of garbage of $40.40, was $160.60! The percentage of water consumption on our bill only affected the total bill by 13%! Moreover, the basic charge for this year, compared to last year, is an increase of 23%. This increase is ridiculous and unacceptable! It is far above the inflation rate!
    Unless these changes are done, then, and only then, I strongly believe that will it motivate the residents to conserve on water consumption.
    I believe these costs and the increase of property taxes are forcing many residents to move elsewhere or even back to Calgary. Many people move to Chestermere for the small town atmosphere, and the cost saving of buying a house here, compared to Calgary. However, after a few years, after they consider and calculate the inconvenience of commuting to the city, the added costs of fuel for traveling, the high cost of all the utilities, and the increase of the property taxes the last few years, there is not as much of a benefit to living in Chestermere.
    All one has to do is to check the amount of residences for sale in the waterfront. The last time I checked, there were 15 houses listed on the MLS, plus another 2, which are listed privately, for a total amount of 17 houses for sale in the waterfront. The amount of houses listed on the waterfront is the highest amount of houses that I have seen for sale in the last 12 years! I hope the municipality will try to reign in on these increases, and that other property owners write a letter to Mr. Blaha, and to the town councilors to let them know that all these increases are not acceptable.
    Alan Lee

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    1. Orrser Ward

      May 24, 2012 at 7:50 pm

      Re;Basic Garbage , Water & Sewer Charges.
      For the month of January we paid $ 133.50.
      My next Billing date sky rocketed to $174.20 I thought did we miss a payment.The Town of Chestermere Utilities & the house taxes are sucking people dry and its getting way out of hand.I talk to alot of people in chestermere and they all think the same way their being ripped off and want to sell off and move.Mr Blah ,Mayor Mathews,and Town Councilors better wake up and smell the coffeor Chestermere will be a Ghost Town with alot of banks and nowhere to eat.