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  • Paving mess on West Chestermere Drive

    West Chestermere Drive re-paving..who is the brains behind this mess? What was supposed to be a couple of weeks inconvience has now been months. ( June)).and we are still no further ahead as to solving a problem with the height of the road…water drainage and a curb so high our vehicles are parked on the street . The town was told before the paving started that there was a huge problem …that the curb and road was way to high..they had told us that they were not raising the height of the road before they even started but They forged ahead and guess what…now we have a Huge problem. There are three adjoining properties that are involved here, and every couple of days after the town has its meetings they come back with another solution..none of them any good. First it was asphalt and gravel..then it asphalt and grass .. then it was cement blocks and grass…and asphalt..then it was asphalt or permi able pavers .. ..on and on this saga goes.. We were asked to sign letters that took all liability off the town before they would begin the work..no-one would sign of course…then that changed and we were told all of a sudden we no longer had to sign these forms. Did they think we were nuts? .As it stands the problem still remains with the height of the road and the height of the curb. Oh, by the way..this particular curb cannot be cut down..So,this is where the problem is and where it still remains. Trying to put a band-aid on this won’t work. Our garages will be flooded . in melt-off…we will be unable to get out of the driveway in winter due to the angle .Our insurance companies have been notified of the foreseen damage..Also note please…you cannot do anything to your property that will cause problems to the neighboring property. Does the town feel that they are above the law here. Our tax dollars have been used to pay for this mess…
    V Dickie