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  • Property taxes up, but why?

    Dear Editor

    Just received my 2012 tax assessment notice this week. Increase of over three hundred and fifty dollars. That makes a total of nine hundred and three dollars and forty eight cents in three years. Oh wait, that doesn’t include the additional two hundred and forty dollars a year for garbage removal which use to be included in my property taxes!!!!
    $1,143.48 in three years….

    A 15% increase in value from 2010/11. Don’t know about your property, but there is no way my tiny little 1400 Sq Ft home increased in value 15%.

    Come to think of it, when my home reduced in value by 25% in 2009, I saw an increase in my taxes not a decrease…. I questioned the assessment and was told it was based on homes sold on my street and area. Guess what, my house is the only one like it on my street, all the homes surrounding me are hundreds of sq ft larger.

    I seriously think the Town Council and Mayor should take their collective heads out their ………and wake up to reality, the town operating budget is way out of control, brand new trucks, employees sitting around, mismanaged capital projects and lovely community expenditures that enhance those with children. That’s all well and good, but what does my $1,143.48 over three years get this old almost retired gal, no boat, don’t play hockey, don’t have a use for the library, certainly won’t be using the skate park any time soon, so other than additional police to ticket me every other week what do I get….not even a decent beach.

    Honourable Mrs. Mathews, Mr & Mrs John Doe don’t live on the lake or the golf course, we can’t take it anymore…and ‘m sure we aren’t the only family here in Chestermere that feels the same.

    We need some serious belt tightening and it better happen soon or the entire town will be populated with nothing but elitists that can pay the price.

    T. Walker

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    1. Anthony Caponigro

      June 22, 2012 at 9:13 pm

      I feel that old gals pain. We don’t have a problem with paying our fair share of property taxes that can be used to improve our beautiful community, but $500.00 plus dollars increase in one year is a little outrageous. My understanding is the old assessor was supposedly not assessing land values correctly. Kind of questionable don’t you think, one year it’s good then the next it’s way out to lunch. Way to help pay down the deficit me thinks.

      Still love living here, but come on!