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  • Roadway needs to be safer for pedestrians

    After having a couple of close calls regarding the traffic congestion on this road way, I want to raise some concerns regarding “KEY SAFETY” issues regarding the area. This particular stretch of road has seen some heavy development over the past couple of years, particularly, in front of the Catholic School, and along the east & west Rainbow Falls Dr corridor. The Brownstone townhouses have also contributed greatly to this congestion, considering the fact that these units all have double back garages, most of the residents prefer to park on both sides of the street, consequently, making the road even more dangerous, and coupled with the school areas, my concern is for the young children in particular who tend to run out from between parked cars, etc. not giving the driver much of a chance to stop, not the kids fault, the blame in this whole fiasco lays pretty much in the planning and development areas of this town.
    I have also complained to the RCMP office, about vehicles parking so close to the corners, that it makes it almost impossible to have a clear view of the east & west traffic flow, which, considering the new town homes just finished, will only add to further safety issues now and in the future.
    I think it’s time that this stretch was looked at, and changes made to make this roadway safer for the children and pedestrians using this area, and making it safer for people who live in the area.
    Regards, P.D.Graham