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  • St. Gabriel the Archangel Grade 9 retreat

    Grade 9 students at St. Gabriel the Archangel attended the annual Grade 9 retreat on Thursday, June 14th at Camp Chestermere. The retreat is for Grade 9 students to have a day of fun and to reflect on memories and the end of Junior High. The retreat is usually held at Camp Chestermere, and this year was no different. Students were treated to a few outdoor games before heading inside for a snack and a motivational speech from speaker and ex Calgary Stampeder Lawrence Deck. Afterwards, students proceeded outside on the grass to read letters written to them from their parents and teachers. The St. Gabriel parish priest, Father John, also appeared to give a blessing and a small liturgy. Then, the students were handed their personal scrapbooks that they made in Grade 7. Finally, before the buses came back to pick the students up, they were awarded a period of time to spend outside lounging with friends or playing volleyball in the sand. Grade 9 students are very thankful for this opportunity and would like to especially thank: Camp Chestermere, Ms. Stelmack, Mrs. Draper, Ms. Walz, and Mrs. Treslove for giving them this opportunity.