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  • New Public Health Lectures Offered in Chestermere

    Become Certified in CPR – Save a life

    Dr. Tony Southwell
    Dr. Tony Southwell
    Dr. Tony Southwell

    Dr. Tony Southwell

    Dr. Tony Southwell loves to teach. He has been involved in healthcare for over 33 years and is fortunate to have a diverse background related to health and wellness that includes being a personal trainer, athletic therapist, paramedic and chiropractor.

    Dr. Southwell is bringing a public health lecture series to Chestermere, which he will teach out of his office at Optimum Wellness. These various one and a half hour lectors will include a variety of topics such as CPR; Ergonomics/Posture/Movement; Stress and the effects it has on our bodies; Nutrition and Emergency First Aid. Dr. Southwell is also open to suggestions for other topics to be covered. “If I can’t do it – I will bring in an expert who can” says the doctor.

    These seminars will be comprised of information through lecture, time for participation and discussion. “Everyone will have gained knowledge they can take home and apply to their lives” says Dr. Southwell.

    Dr. Southwell will offer the seminars from October through May and the cost will be significantly low, simply to cover recoupment for the materials needed to teach them. Dr. Southwell will be donating his time to offer this to Chestermere residents. “This is public education for the sake of public education” says Dr. Southwell.

    The first set of classes offered will be Adult/Child & Infant CPR Training for laypersons. They will be spread out over 3 evenings, and will be held on October 21, October 28 and November 4, 2013. CPR stands for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, and in this class a person can expect to learn how to recognize a heart attack along with the risk factors, how to recognize sudden cardiac arrest; how to perform CPR on an adult, child and infant; and how to clear obstructed airways. Dr. Southwell expects this series will cost in the $20-$25 range which he says is a fraction of the cost to get this training at other places.

    The methods of CPR have changed in recent years, so this series of lectors will bring you up to date with current standards and in the end you will receive your certification in CPR which could save someone’s life one day.

    To find out more or to sign up for these public education lectures, please call the Chestermere Optimum Wellness Office at 403-235-3717 or visit them at Bay C, 124 East Chestermere Drive.