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    Seeking Feedback on Proposed Waterbridge Development

    On November 18, Council gave first reading to a Master Area Structure Plan for the 2400 acre Waterbridge Development being proposed in West Chestermere.
    “This is a major development that will define who our community is in the future. Council and I encourage all residents to read about this plan, attend information sessions, and provide feedback,” said Mayor Patricia Matthews.
    The Master Area Structure Plan (MASP) is a high level view of what the developer is proposing for the area. In addition to residential neighbourhoods, the plan includes commercial areas, a business park, recreational spaces, village nodes, pathways, and the protection of wetlands.
    While the entire development is not scheduled to be completed for almost 30 years, full construction could bring an additional 45,000 residents and countless new businesses to the community. It is anticipated that the Waterbridge development will be an important contributor to Chestermere’s sustainability, independence, and ability to maintain its unique identity as a family friendly recreational community.
    Following the first reading, over 100 people attended an open house on December 5. Heather Kauer, the Town’s Senior Planner working with the developer on the application, said that feedback at the Open House was positive and many residents are looking forward to the new amenities being proposed in Waterbridge.
    “We want to make sure that we can address residents’ ideas and concerns with this development early on so we welcome comments via email, phone or comments on the online survey,” said Kauer. “All the comments will be presented to Council at the Public Hearing in January for their consideration as they review this proposal.”
    As most of the servicing is in place, the undeveloped lands are primed for construction and development could begin as early as 2015.
    To learn more about the proposed development or to leave comments, you can visit www.chestermere.ca/waterbridge or call (403) 207-7075.