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  • Trick or Treating for All!

    The Lake Ridge Community Church offers candy free options this Halloween

    Lake Ridge Children's Ministry
    4 year old friends, Jude Peterson and Otto Dewald are excited for Halloween. They show the pumpkin symbol that will be used to identify non-candy houses and children participating in the Trick or Treating for All campaign put on by the Lake Ridge Community Church Children's Ministry
    Lake Ridge Children's Ministry

    The Lake Ridge Children’s Ministry Team; Alicia Peterson, Jody Castle and Christin Dewald pictured with their helpers Jude Peterson and Otto Dewald, are organizing the Trick or Treating for All campaign, offering non-candy options this Halloween for children who are unable to eat candy. Look for this pumpkin symbol which will identify children participating in the program as well as houses registered to give out non-candy options.

    After hearing of a story about a father who purchased small toys and other trinkets to give to all his neighbours asking them to in turn give to his son (who for medical reasons was unable to eat candy) on Halloween night, Jody Castle got an idea. She shared this idea with a group of her friends and Chestermere moms who make up the Lake Ridge Community Church Children’s Ministry, and a new inspiration was born, called Trick or Treating for All.

    Bringing this initiative home, the Lake Ridge Children’s Ministry team; consisting of Alicia Peterson, Jody Castle and Christin Dewald, realized that for a variety of children right here in our own community, Halloween has its limitations. For a number of reasons, some children are simply not able to have candy. This might be due to medical issues or diet. The Lake Ridge Children’s Ministry wanted to do something about this which would ensure Halloween would be fun for everyone.

    The group decided they would organize some homes in our community that would offer non-food treats and they have come up with a fun way to connect these homes with the children who would like to participate.

    Simply put, if you are a home that is willing to hand out non-food treats to some children, all you have to do is register your address with them. Then with the help of technology, the group will be creating a mobile friendly map of the homes in our town that are participating; the map will be available on their website and on your smart phone.

    Each home that is registered will receive a yard sign to post at their house identifying them as a Trick or Treating for All home. Likewise, kids who prefer a non-food treat can have a sticker or button identifying them.

    Some ideas of items that could be given away instead of candy are tattoos, party favors, small toys, lip balm or playdoh but you are encouraged to get creative with ideas while still keeping the cost down. Additionally, the church group will also provide any home with non-food items that wish to be involved but are unable to purchase this type of product.

    The Lake Ridge Community Church loves Halloween. “Halloween is that one time of year when all of your neighbours are out visiting each other and sharing treats.” says Christin Dewald.

    The 3 ladies want to ensure that the fun of the holiday is accessible to everybody in our town and they know that because Chestermere is filled with so many generous people this will easily be made possible.

    “Chestermere is so generous and that is the best part of being here. Watching people give and serve others is what we are all about” shares Dewald.

    To register as a non-candy home or to get a button identifying your child who prefers non-candy, simply visit the Lake Ridge Community Church website at www.lakeridgecommunity.com/children.

    Lake Ridge Community Church gathers to worship at Our Lady of Wisdom School on Sunday evenings at 6:00p.m. Everyone is always welcome. Visit their website for more details. www.lakeridgecommunity.com