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  • Why aren’t lake speed limits enforced

    Why do we post a boat speed limit on the lake north of the bridge when there is no enforcement whatsoever. I also see show boaters speeding through under the bridge. It just makes a fool out of those who obey the signs and try to teach their kids to do the same.

    Every day just about the whole town can see boats speeding and showboating around in that area and yet enforcement can’t/won’t/don’t do anything about it. From town hall there is a panoramic view of the whole area. You can be sure that after a collision happens ALL the officials will be saying they just “can’t believe it happened in their town” right under their nose. It will be just like the drowning incident in 2011 and it will lead to a rampage of zealous coastguard rules over enforcement because the new paradigm will be “we just knew it would happen”.

    I’ve heard the reasoning that the police don’t have budget for a boat. As a tax payer I certainly hope we don’t buy them an interceptor that will catch the fastest boat or jet ski. Lets not repeat the bureaucracy fiasco of putting public servants on the water like we did with the town’s emergency rescue service. The cost of that will be prohibitive and it will lead to a very unpopular campaign to write enough $tickets to pay for it.

    You can see almost the whole lake from one point and it isn’t like a speeder in the north end of the lake has anywhere to hide. Every coast guard registered boat is supposed to have large license numbers posted on it. I expect the police have access to the boat registry just the same way they can access license plates. They should generally be able to at least identify the tow vehicle and leave a warning on it with some real consequence. For persistent or serious infractions they could simply disable the vehicle, stake out the launch, or at worst bring in their boat from Strathmore.

    If there is a new campaign to enforce the speed limit it would be fair to provide a highly visible warning right on the launch ramp since the speed posting on buoys and on the bridge has been ignored for so long it has no effect. The girls at the booth say no one listens to them either, so maybe the launch fee receipt needs the speed limit warning on it in red (along with any other key warnings).

    If some people feel that it is unfair to limit the speed at the far north end of the lake near their homes, well away from the congested launch area, then “end of speed limit” buoys may be warranted up there.

    Surely some will say I am wrong in the assessment that a serious collision, or tangle up in tow lines, is just inevitable. If that’s the expert judgment of the town officials, then pull down the speed limits and let everyone abide by their own rules. Quit hindering and humiliating the law abiding citizen/boater.

    Todd McBride