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    Chestermere Bike Park scores another $2,000 donation

    On Tuesday April 22, YELL (Youth Encouraging Lasting Leadership) group members Shiya Mangat and Steven Burness attended the Chestermere Town Council Meeting to present to the Town and Bike Park Committee a monetary donation towards the completion of the Chestermere Family Bike Park located in Rainbow Falls.
    The two bright young people were joined by Youth Leader Kyla Sendecki and Brennan Dressler as well as Christy Redl, the Synergy Youth Development Coordinator.
    During their short presentation the YELL members took us back to several years ago when a number of YELL volunteers stepped forward and helped to engage the community in building a bike park in Chestermere. Their hard work succeeded in having a small, temporary park built right behind Safeway.
    They went on to explain that while they were grateful for the loan of this land, they knew it was a temporary arrangement and it was soon reclaimed by the developer. Leaving Chestermere without a bike park once again.
    But that didn’t stop them, a bike park committee was then quickly formed consisting of some of the same YELL members and other supporters who had built the first park. Their goal was simple; build a permanent park.
    “They succeeded in only a few short years, with the park completion planned this year. We know that the Bike Park Committee had the support of many generous donors along the way and YELL would like to bring our involvement full circle by making a donation as well.” said Shiya Mangat.
    Steven Burness went on to explain that YELL took action to show their support for the past YELL member’s goals. “We sold refreshments at this year’s Mind Body Spirit Expo and raised a sizeable amount of money.”
    After presenting a cheque in the amount of $121.15 which is what the group earned selling the refreshments during the local Expo, Mangat exclaimed, “Belated April Fool’s!”
    They then unveiled a much larger cheque in the amount of $2000.00.
    “This two thousand dollars was awarded to YELL by the ARPA, back in October for Excellence in Youth Development. We received the award primarily for our work in initiating the bike park project.” explained Mangat.
    “As such, it’s only fair that the money we received for starting the project goes towards finishing it.” Burness concluded.
    Patty Sproule, Director of Community Services says that while many individuals and groups have contributed toward the creation of the Chestermere Family Bike Park, YELL is one of the few who has been a driving force since the very beginning of the journey.
    “They have, on behalf of Chestermere’s youth population, been an inspiration and the motivating force that has kept all of us moving forward toward the completion of what is poised to become the preeminent Mountain Bike Park in all of Western Canada,” shares Sproule.
    Mayor Patricia Matthews accepted the donation on behalf of the Town and Bike Park Committee adding “This cheque presentation from YELL is so valuable to us because it shows the vital, continuing commitment that this dedicated group has toward the community amenity they launched. Their enduring energy is an inspiration!”
    Visit www.chestermere.ca/bikepark for more information on the Chestermere Bike Park.