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  • Easter with Dignity supports locals in need

    Catholic Women's League find unique way to give back during Lent


    Easter with Dignity – CWL donated over $1,700.00 in gift cards to Community Services’ Christmas with Dignity campaign in order to support locals in need

    During the season of Lent, the St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Women’s League (CWL) Council ran a fundraising campaign to support Chestermere Community Services Christmas with Dignity to directly help local families in need.
    The fundraising campaign which they called “Easter with Dignity” consisted of the local CWL asking the parishioners of St. Gabriel Parish to pick up one of many eggs which they had available at each mass during Lent.
    Inside each colorful plastic eggs was the name of a business that the individual was to purchase a minimum $25.00 gift card from, and then return to the CWL by Easter weekend.
    On Friday April. 25, Denine Welsh, Rena Mauer and Julie McMillan from the local CWL met with staff at Community Services to hand over their donation of the gift cards that were collected.
    “As a group we work to assist those in need locally, nationally, and globally and it was of great importance to us to support this important local charity,” says McMillan. “We are thrilled that, with the support of our parishioners, we raised $1729.00 (most of which is gift cards that will enable families to patronize local businesses). We hope these funds will ease the financial worries of many local families.”
    Danielle Fermin, Community Resource Centre Coordinator for Community Services in Chestermere says that each year it is a challenge how we, as a community, can sustain a level of empathy and awareness of social and economic issues negatively impacting our neighbours.
    When Fermin first heard about the campaign idea of Easter with Dignity, spearheaded by the CWL, she was so happy the community was taking on the initiative to remember that Christmas with Dignity is needed all year round, and that help should not only be offered during Christmas.
    “The group and the contacts they have come in touch with these past few weeks will have an impact on the individuals and families who will be receiving these cards in the months to come. Receiving gifts cards at this time of year will help us replenish our stock until our next campaign season.” says Fermin.
    “Quickly sifting through the gift cards, I was quite excited to see a variety of local gift cards, as well as, cards that are more specific to various age groups. This will provide us with options when compiling emergency gift cards to individuals or families. For example, we can make the donations more personal if we know there is an infant child in a family who fled their home and now needed baby items, we can provide them with a Toys R Us card.”
    “I would like to thank the Catholic Women’s League for encouraging others to give back to the community, and to all of those who participated in fundraising for Christmas with Dignity.” states Fermin.
    The Catholic Women’s League of Canada is a national organization rooted in gospel values calling its members to holiness through service to the people of God. Visit www.saintgabielparish.ca for more information on the St. Gabriel the Archangel CWL and ways they serve the community.
    For more information on the Christmas with Dignity program, visit www.chestermere.ca/cwd.